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Bap Zip Zippers



The components of the zipper are produced internally: this choice derives from the need to maintain a constant level of quality and endurance. The slider is obtained through ad-hoc moulds.


Teeth production is centralized and specific galvanic procedures are used to ensure the required tonality.


A dedicated machinery completes the assembly, gripping the teeth on the ribbon. The couple of ribbons are combined and the application of the slider completes the final product.


The employment of technological equipment are used to assess a thousandths precision in the application of components.

Tradition, experience, technology, research

The production of the leather zipper starts from a ribbon made of pure leather, with a certified quality.
All components are internally studied and realized, including teeth, sliders and machineries that grip teeth on the ribbon: they are specifically designed for the leather zipper.
After the assembly of teeth on the rope, two ribbons are matched and the application of the slider completes the finished product.
The leather zipper is still in a development stage, in order to ensure an excellent endurance in cycles of opening and closing. Tests and controls are performed with great attention and focus on the results, so that it is possible to keep on improving high quality features and points of strengths of the product.

Lampo su pelle
Lampo su pelle

Despite the strong competitive pressures ruling the fashion world, Bottonificio B.A.P. is able to impose itself as a leader in its sector, thanks to Italian high-quality products and to its customers’ trust, the most important corporations in the international fashion.
Bottonificio B.A.P., together with BAP ZIP, is not scared by new challenges it may face: it is prepared to meet, overcome and win them, as only a growth-oriented company can do.
Research, innovation, and internationalization are the main pillars on which this company relies, which has all requirements needed to consolidate its excellent positioning and to keep on conquering foreign markets.


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